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Aka'ula School offers a quality, multi-age, transitional environment for Molokai students in grades five to eight.

We are committed to building a community where students, their families, and teachers are engaged in learning.

We believe in educating the whole child through a balanced curriculum that celebrates multiple intelligences and meets the needs of a heterogeneous learning community.

Learning, leading, and decision-making are fundamental collaborative processes practiced at Aka'ula School.

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Here are a few articles from the latest newsletter. To read the entire newsletter with pictures download the PDF attachment below.

Also, to access this and previous newsletters click on the "Newsletters" tab at the top of the page or click on the following link:http://www.akaulaschool.org/content/download-latest-or-previous-newsletters-hereLife



By Kala Helm, Senior

Goal setting is an absolute must if people wish to fulfill their potential.  Goals enable people to live where they want, be with people they enjoy,and become self-actualized. Often people don't set goals because they are afraid they might fail. The fear of failure is probably the greatest single obstacle to success in life.  I have set three goals I want to accomplish in my lifetime. First, I would like to travel and live in a few countries including Tahiti, Denmark, Sweden, and New Zealand. Each country has characteristics I love such as beautiful art, architecture, scenery, music, interesting local festivals, great people, food,beaches, mountains, lakes, ocean and in some cases, family members.  Second, I want to stay connected to my friends and family for life. When my friends and I grow older, we can look back on the good times we had and enjoy life together as senior citizens.  Finally, I want to create a school that focuses not on traditional education, but teaches people how to live a successful and peaceful life.  People will learn how to be unique, non-judgmental, and to forgive people who judge.  I envision a spiritual confidence building school that is open to everyone around the earth.

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.”

C. S. Lewis 
- Ocean Jewels




Sunrise Jewels

By Kalehiwa Dudoit, Senior

Sunrise shells are beautiful ocean jewels rarely found on Hawaii beaches.  Many people are interested in collecting or selling them, and they can cost between $30 and $1000 depending on condition and appearance. Although I’d never found a sunrise shell until last weekend, I’ve been interested in them. For the past year, I’ve been searching Moloka’i beaches and oceans looking for these gems. One time I walked the entire three miles of Papohaku Beach, and then dived the three miles back, finding nothing.  Folklore says sunrise shells only let themselves be found by certain people. I began to think I was one of the unfortunate. This past weekend I went to a beach on the West End. I don’t give up easily and I decided to go diving for shells. Imagine my surprise when I found two ocean gems.  The shells chose me to collect them!


To access the entire newsletter with pictures in PDF form click on the "Newsletters" tab at the top of the page or download the attachment below.


By prmolokaiboy - Posted on 23 December 2013

We Are A Bully Free Family


By Royden Abafo

Have you ever dreamed of being in a place where you don’t get picked on? Well if you have, welcome to AKA’ULA SCHOOL where “We Are A Bully Free Family!!” Sometimes students forget, but we all work together to remind each other. So, if you ever come and visit AKA’ULA SCHOOL, remember, “We Are A Bully Free Family!!”



By prmolokaiboy - Posted on 14 August 2012

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